Honduran Caravan of fear and hope

An informative post about the current situation with Honduran migrants in Central America.

Mi Gente, Mi Tierra


News outlets worldwide this week have covered a ‘caravan’ of largely Honduran migrants, who left Honduras last week and are currently in southern Mexico, heading north. Recent UN estimates has put the number of migrants travelling with the caravan as 7200, which is an unprecedented size.

From my experience living in Honduras, from talking to many Hondurans and living with their families, from studying Honduras’ situation for my Masters degree, and from generally being a Central America geek who reads a lot, these are my views and answers to questions I have been asked recently.

What prompted these people to walk so far in this caravan? Why now? Why en masse?

These migrants are marching so far, in a large group, because the migration situation has got so bad that it’s much harder to migrate north any other way now, but the push factors from Honduras are increasingly dire (poverty…

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