I’ve been shopping for some new domestic appliances and have found my bug bear – badly designed user sites.     The sites look amazing, professional and glossy, but two of the four main sites I’ve been using have forgotten the first principle when selling online.   Think like your customer.   What is your customer coming to your site to find?   What is their number one consideration?

In my case, it’s size.   When replacing a fridge in an existing kitchen, then the customer rarely has a choice as to the width of the fridge they need and yet two of the sites I’ve been using do not give me the width of the fridge as an option to filter on!

The second consideration (for me anyway) is height – some fridges are under the counter and some are taller than me – and yet try to find the dimensions of the fridge on the product page is very difficult in places!

Web designers need to think like a customer, put themselves in their shoes – walk through the site as that person and see what the journey looks like and what their customer wants to see on a site.

Meanwhile I’m off to use the site that lets me filter by width and clearly gives me the height of every appliance!



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